I love how I can say anything here and not feel judged. I am not alone.

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My goal is to help my clients to be the best that they can be, and feel the best that they can feel.
" I believe that it is my job to bring out the best that exists within you."

I look forward to working with you, in helping you achieve your health and wellness goals.

About Our Program is an online support group and weight loss coaching program for people who struggle with emotional eating, binge eating, late night eating and diet sabotage.

We help you conquer your weight and food related issues using coaching techniques developed by Aura Ziv who is a nutritionist / personal trainer / health coach and former emotional eater. combines health coaching with emotional motivation coaching and Aura’s unique health coaching system has proven to get results.

In fact, we are so confident about our system that if you participate fully and don’t get results….

we will give 100% of your money back.

So you have nothing to lose other than the excess weight that you don’t want anyway.


7 Day

Freedom from Binge

Eating Meal Plan

Get the meal plan now directly in your mailbox.

Coaching Chatroom

Get daily support to stop binge eating in the online Sharing Room.

Coaching Chatrooms to keep you connected, supported & on track!

We have 3 different types of chatrooms to support you.

  • Large group sharing meeting. In this meeting you share you good news, bad news and difficult moments with us. This room will motivate you to keep going.
  • One on one diet buddy chat about your progress whenever you choose.
  • Individual & Small Group Coaching with your personal EatGoodFeelGood Coach.


live coaching!

Time & Date: Monday 5p.m. PST

OurExpert Coaches

Freedom From Binge

Eating coaching videos

Your personalised private coaching videos will be emailed to you.

Find amazing coaching videos and stop binge eating easily!

Weekly mentoring and coaching videos emailed to you that will awaken your mind, spirit and soul!!

Learn and grow through stories, lives and experiences of another!

30 Day

Freedom From Binge Eating

online workshop

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Diet Buddy

Get lots of free tips, motivation and support from the Diet Buddy that we set you up with.

Heal Through Connection

Healing binge eating pattens and losing weight is no easy task. Transforming your life takes consistent effort and hard work. There is no quick fix.

One of the best way to stay on track is to stay very connected to another who is on the same journey as you. Birds of a feather flock together and success grows together.

That’s why we’ve created a Diet Buddy System that connects you to a coach and a support buddy!

The most successful people in life all have coaches and we want you to succeed, so please let us help you do that!

Private Facebook Group

Be apart of the Freedom From Binge Eating private Facebook Support Group and share your story.

Private Zoom Group With Our Expert Coaches

Individual & Small Coaching Groups with trained EatGoodFeelGood Coaches to offer personalized support on your journey. Our expert coaches have been there and done that. Experienced health professionals who have are their own personal journeys of losing weight and who are trained in our system.

You can’t get better weight loss coaching support than that! We are here to help you!

Let’s reach your weight loss goals together!

Transform into the healthiest happiest version of yourself!

It’s time to feel your inner happy! Let us lead you on the path.

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